Top 5 Bangkok’s Real Barber Shops

There’s plenty of barber shops in every corner of Bangkok but the great ones are not so easy to find. Here we’ve saved you some time and selected the real barber shops in Bangkok to pimp up your look. It’s time you feel the difference between a good haircut and a great haircut. Check them…

24 Hrs and Late Night Cafes Selected by UTEENI

Good news, Night Owls! You can keep on reading and working till the crack of dawn, ’cause we’ve found five awesome 24 hrs and late night cafes in Bangkok that you’ll definitely want to visit!

Top 5 places for Songkarn Festival

The Songkran festival is the most well known festival in Thailand, it takes place during April 13-15 every year. The tradition of Songkran originated by people paying respect and giving blessings to elders, family members, and friends by gently sprinkling them with scented water. Today Songkran has evolved into a full blown four day water fight. Many Bangkok locals travel back to their hometowns and celebrate Songkran with family. Bangkok becomes quiet a peaceful place. Yet, there are some several places for those who stay in Bangkok to celebrate the festival. Uteeni has picked top 5 places for Songkarn Festival

Chill Riverside Thai Restaurants

River is so meaningful for Thai people. The major river in Bangkok, Thailand is Chao Phraya River which flows around the Bangkok and through into gulf of Thailand. Many people use it for agriculture, consumption, and etc. Some people may live around the river and yet it is a home of many awesome restaurants. The concept of this blog is “Chilled-Convenienced-Riverside Thai restaurant”. Uteeni Team has selected 5 awesome restaurants, let see what are they?

Find places you never knew

It is hard to find, to discover local shops, restaurants, salons, places that make this city unique. We are collecting and finding these places, and sharing what we have found here. This is for you to discover the cool, unique, best and unknown places – wherever you happen to be.