Top 5 places for Songkarn Festival

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The Songkran festival is the most well known festival in Thailand, it takes place during April 13-15 every year. The tradition of Songkran originated by people paying respect and giving blessings to elders, family members, and friends by gently sprinkling them with scented water. Today Songkran has evolved into a full blown four day water fight. Many Bangkok locals travel back to their hometowns and celebrate Songkran with family. Bangkok becomes quiet a peaceful place. Yet, there are some several places for those who stay in Bangkok to celebrate the festival. Uteeni has picked top 5 places for Songkarn Festival.

  1. Khao San Road
    Khao San road is a very popular destination for tourists especially backpackers due to there are many local-cheap foods, hotel-hostel, guest house and night pub. Every year during Songkran festival, KhaoSan Road closes to vehicles, to allow people to have water fights. Here, you will feel like you are in a war against multinational armies who are on a mission to get you wet any way they can.
  2. Silom Road
    A 2.8 Km. long road, attract people to come here. Silom road also closes the whole road for people to have a water war. At Silom Road, there are also have some foods sold as well. Here there are many places selling ice cold water, so you can load up on powerful ammunition.
  3. Siam SquareCentral World
    Siam Square and Central World host many different concerts and events. Both hold Thai music and dance concerts. Central World  also has an awesome foam party and carnival.
  4. Asiatique 
    Asiatique a major riverside shopping complex also hosts their own Songkran festival. There are many foods stalls, vendors selling traditional Thai souveniours, and large scale concerts available here to enjoy.
  5. Ratchada RCA
    RCA is very well-know for the night-owl and partier. Each club will host their Songkran event. Normally, Ratchada RCA will be the last place for the water warrior to go to each day,  all the day events will wind down

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