A Trip By Express Boat

The express boat operates around the Chao Pharaya river starting from the Rajburana pier and finishes at Pakket pier. There are 5 types of boat rides, which are Local line or the No Flag Boat, Orange Flag Boat, Yellow Flag Boat, Green Flag Boat, and Tourist Boat or Blue Flag Boat. The fares start from 9 baht for the Local line, which stops at every pier, and goes up to 40 baht for the Tourist Boat.


Lets start by buying a ticket, tickets are available at the ticket station on the pier or just jump on the boat and someone will come collect your money. We recommended taking the orange line which cost 14 baht per trip. Boats will arrive approximately every 30 mins, so let start the journey!

We suggest you start your trip from Sathorn Pier which you can reach by taking the BTS to Taksin Station. The first stop will be Ratchawong Pier or N5. Here you can walk to reach China town where you can enjoy the many varieties of local Chinese food.

China Town

From Ratchawong Pier, take another orange line boat to Tha Tien pier where you can visit Wat Arun, Wat Pho and Grand Palace which are the top attractions to visit in Bangkok.

Wat Arun, Wat Pho and Grand Palace

From Tha Tien Pier, take another orange line boat to Maharaj pier. Here you can spend your time exploring around Sanam Luan, or relax in the open field and public square. Also there are great views of The Grand Palace. From here you can take a ferry across the river to Tha Pra Jan and enjoy the local foods there.

Sanam Luan

From Tha Tien pier, take another orange line boat to Phra Arthit pier. Here you can connect to Khao San Road which is a popular for being inexpensive. Street food, night life, souvenirs, massages, and hotels can all be found here in abundance.

Khao San Road



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