24 Hrs and Late Night Cafes Selected by UTEENI

Good news, Night Owls, You can keep on reading and working till the crack of dawn, ’cause we’ve found five awesome 24 hrs cafes in Bangkok that you’ll definitely want to visit!

Too Fast Too Sleep

Too Fast Too Sleep is a perfect 24 hrs cafe to meet up for work, study, or a late night rendezvous. It has a large common area, 3 different sections with plenty of space, decorated in a modern library theme, which radiates a light and warm atmosphere. This coffeeshop has standard hot, cold and blended drinks, and a variety of desserts and snacks.
Why we love it? If you are looking for a place to study, meet a friend or read a book at 3AM, then Too Fast Too Sleep is one of the best places to be. There are plenty of table and floor seatings (who doesn’t love stretching out on a pillow on the floor?!), and nearly every table has a power socket. You can even rent the private room for a meeting, activity or private study area which includes a TV, air conditioning, up to 15 seats, and free wifi. They don’t charge any fees for using the private room, but you do have to order at least 15 menu items at the minimum cost of 80 baht each.

What could be better? The cake we had was just alright, for 120 baht, it did not deliver. It also can get pretty crowded as it’s located near popular the Chulalongkorn University/Siam area. During the study semesters or weekends, you’ll find the place cramped up with students.
Price range: We ordered promotion menu – buy 2 drinks and get a discount for the dessert. That included a blended coffee for 90 Baht, hot tea for 50 Baht and an orange cake for 79 Baht (Normally 120 Baht). The drinks were great, though if the cake wasn’t on promotion, we wouldn’t order it again.
Directions: Take MRT Samyan, exit 1. You can find the exact directions on UTEENI
Parking: YES
Free WiFi: YES

Let’s Say Cafe

A small 24hr cafe that radiates a ‘young hipster vibe’. This cozy little coffeeshop immediately makes you feel like kicking your shoes off and relaxing like you’re home. There’s a board game floor upstairs and a multipurpose space for rent.

Why we love it? The dessert and drink menu were absolutely delicious, and at sensible prices (now that’s what we love!). If you are tired of finding yourself in ridiculously overpriced cafes, then this is definitely a great place to try out. Let’s Say Cafe has a pleasant atmosphere for work or study, and there’s no need to fight over a power socket, there are plenty. Other amenities include a printer and photo copier, and there’s also free WiFi available.

What could be better? It is on the sub road of Ratchawithi rd., so you have to walk a bit from the Victory Monument BTS stop.4

Price: Overall very resonable prices.

Directions: Get off at BTS victory monument and head for Soi Ratchawithi 3.
Parking: NO
Free Wifi: YES

Hollys Coffee on Sukhumvit 15

Hollys Coffee is a lovely 24 hrs Korean-style cafe. Be sure to stop by for a drink and absorb the calm ambience. Both international and local crowds love to come and hangout at this coffeeshop. The interior is beautifully crafted with a light wooden finish, exactly like you would see cafes in Korea and Korean TV series. Its menu offers a variety of delicious hot and cold drinks, but we recommend Holly’s signature “Bingsoo” dessert – shaved milky ice served with different toppings – which is the perfect refreshment for the Bangkok heat.
Why we love it? Bingsoo….
What Uteeni dislikes? If you need concentration working space, we are not recommended you to come here as it gets a bit loud sometimes. The power sockets are only available in the specific zone on the second floor.
Price: Very nice price, a cup of Americano cost 80 Baht while other charge about 100 Baht. The signature dessert is 100 baht a cup.
Direction: Take BTS to Asoke Station and 5 mins walk ahead passed to Robinson.
Parking: NO
Free WiFi: YES

Thirsty Owl

Another late night cafe and restaurant which used to be called 24 Owls by Some. The name has changed to Thirsty Owl and so did the opening hours from 11am – 6am. The Thirsty Owl is decorated with a English vintage feel. The outdoor patio section is bright with sunlight, and is nice and quiet for some reading, study, or work.
Why Uteeni chooses here? The kitchen offers a variety of dishes from US Prime Steak to Pizza, while the drink list is very extensive with coffees, beers and wine.
What Uteeni dislikes? Location wise is a bit hard to reach without a car or taxi. Also prices are towards the high end.
Price:  A cup of coffee cost you 150-170 Baht up to 200 Baht.
Direction: From Thonglor station head inside to Sukhumvit 55 and turn right to Thonglor 10 your right handside you will see the shop or you can take a cab. Make it easier, you can find the exact direction on UTEENI.
Parking: Yes
Free WiFi: Request from staff

Ban Rei Coffee

Ban Rei Coffee is decorated in a rustic Thai style. The Trees which surround the shop give you a sense of peace and comfort. The Ban Rei Coffee shop is located on 2nd floor while the 1st floor serves a variety of North Eastern Thai foods and live music at night.
Why Uteeni chooses here? As we mentioned above that you can spend your relax time with the trees around and your favorite cup of coffee, you can choose to sit in outdoor zone. The coffee beans are all from Thailand [North and South] in which you can choose arabica or robusta. Moreover you can even choose the strength of your coffee, level 1 (weak) to level 5 (strong).
What Uteeni dislikes? During certian times of the year there can be a lot of mosquitoes so come prepared with some sprays.
Price: Uteeni ordered 1 cup of coffee which cost 100 baht a cup and others cup are about 100-150 baht.
Direction: Take BTS to Ekamai Station, And then take exit 1 or you can find the exact direction on UTEENI
Tip to order coffee like a boss: [Coffee blend]+[Hot or cold]+[level of coffee strongness]
Parking: Yes
Free Wifi: Yes


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